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jewelry with a soul purpose

that SOUL purpose

“My international roots guide my style at NOLELU — and I love symbols that guide and protect — zodiac suns and constellations, the evil eye. But more than anything, I love the way wearing my jewelry makes people feel. Confident, happy, connected. If I have accomplished that with my jewelry, then I have achieved my SOUL purpose.”

— Elizabeth Robins, Founder

It all started when my brother gave me a hand-stitched leather locket with the Psalms of David tucked inside as a gift.

I didn’t think too deeply on this, until one day another woman stopped me to look at it. And then another. 

Because of all the attention, I began to wonder, “what is it about this particular piece that makes it so powerful?

And then it came to me... because that beloved piece spoke to me beyond just looking good!

Every time I saw it I would feel comforted, encouraged, and inspired, because I felt deeply connected to the ancient text that has been used to soothe and guide others for centuries.

After this realization, I started to seek out more pieces with meaning, both for myself and others. Turns out it’s tougher than expected! So much high end jewelry today has become boring and soulless. 

That’s why I committed myself to helping as many women as possible connect on a deeper level with meaningful, high quality jewelry that nurtures you in those same feelings of inspiration and enthusiasm through meaningful, approachable symbols and styles.

Ever since then, I’ve been meticulously curating, creating, and designing soul-energizing pieces from all over the world, with symbols ranging from the Buddha to the Hand of God to the Tree of Life.

The name NoLeLu itself reflects the meaning and purpose in my own life—my children Noah, Leah, and Luca are my biggest inspirations!

Do your accessories fill you with a joie-de-vivre every time you look at them?

If not, what are you waiting for? Let’s figure this out together so we can get you psyched for your day out or next soirée. 

“ I first bought from her when I was shopping for myself and my bff and both of our Exec Assistants. Four women have four different tastes and I did my best to explain the style of each and Elizabeth listened and gave me great choices within the budget I had set for each. The result was phenomenal and now I am on deck to do the same for these three each year. ”

Julie R