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Compared to real diamonds, do these pieces need any special care?

The short answer: no. Even though the stone is cubic zirconia, everything about the piece is still authentic—the stone is hand-cut and the silver and gold are genuine. This means you shouldn’t need any special care other than your normal routine cleaning. After all, the point is no stress!

How do I answer when people ask if it’s real?

We believe there’s no shame in wearing your Faux Real piece proudly, but hey—we won’t judge you if you fudge the truth, either.

Will people be able to tell whether it’s a synthetic diamond?

This depends on the person and the piece, but generally no. For one, there is more than one grade of CZ (ranging from A to AAAAA). Lower grades tend to be cloudier and more obviously synthetic.

But to be honest, the grading system is pretty unregulated and it’s easy to get burned, even with a supposedly AAAAA piece. That’s (one reason!) why I hand-pick, examine, and test every piece personally.

Is it durable? Can I wear it all the time?

Whether you’re hitting the pool, the gym, or the trail, you can wear your Faux Real pieces anywhere without worrying.

Cubic Zirconia is actually quite durable for the price—arguably less brittle and prone to chipping than diamonds themselves. Most of the pieces are set with rhodium-plated sterling silver. Rhodium is related to platinum and actually more expensive than either platinum or gold. It will keep your piece from scratching or corroding over time.

What is oxidized silver?

Oxidized silver is genuine sterling silver, but its surface has been intentionally darkened through a chemical process. This patina may gradually fade over time depending on the oils in your skin and how often you sweat or shower with it.

What are pave diamonds?

Pave is a type of setting used for different types of gemstones.  The word pavé comes from the French word for “paved”. Small beads of precious metal are applied in the spaces between the diamonds, to secure them in place.

What happens if I'm not crazy about my purchase?

No worries, you have 14 days to return it for something else that you’re meant to love!

When can I expect to receive my order?

Please allow 3-5 days to process your order.  We use UPS for our shipping carrier.  Once shipped, depending on where you live, it can take a max of 5 more days.

What if I need my order ASAP?

Just shoot me an email and let me know.  Unfortunately, I do not offer free shipping on expedited orders.