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High-End Fashion Jewelry You Can Trust: My NoLeLu Design Process

As a spiritual jewelry designer, I get lots of requests for unique spiritual gifts. These requests can range from sterling silver and diamond fashion jewelry, diamond pave spiritual necklaces, to gold and diamond spiritual bracelets.

In particular, however, people have asked me for years to make my Psalms of David necklace on a large scale. What casual observers don’t understand is that this necklace, which seems so simple in its elegance, is actually very difficult to create. And I’m never willing to compromise my standards.

Yes, the design is simple, but deceptively so. It looks like a simple leather locket with a tiny Psalms of David printed and glued inside. But, the lovely simplicity of the piece hides its complex design. This necklace needs a specific die to shape and form the leather. It requires the right leather with the correct thickness, without grooves or a distracting pattern overwhelming the pendant. Furthermore, the piece needs to be hand-stitched, and the charms need to hang just right so they have enough movement but aren’t distracting. All this attention to detail ensures that your unique spiritual gift will satisfy even the woman who has it all.

If any of these elements is off, I can’t use the piece. As a spiritual jewelry designer, I have a very precise high-end fashion jewelry design in mind, which makes it a challenge to track down the materials I want to use and who I will choose to fashion the piece. But in the end, it’s worth it because I can create extraordinary high-end fashion jewelry that makes the recipient of your gift feel like a star.

A Dedicated Spiritual Jewelry Designer

Over the years, I’ve learned to follow my design instinct. That can make my job difficult, especially because I want to create striking, meaningful pieces. By far, transforming my vision into a physical piece has been the biggest challenge in my design career. However, the tension between making my vision concrete and the realities of designing jewelry has made me a savvier, more intuitive spiritual jewelry designer.

I could design a piece with deep spiritual meaning to restore peace and calm. I could sketch a piece that is light and fun for a client who wants to experiment with whimsical elements to balance her look and lift her mood. But the piece must speak to me first. The rest goes from there, and I’ve learned to adjust accordingly.

Once, early in my career, I sent some new designs to my jewelry maker. The idea for the piece was so clear in my head—a flat, gold medallion with inset natural diamonds. I envisioned it as a beautiful, wearable worry stone. Despite the jewelry maker’s 30 years of experience, we couldn’t capture my original vision. After four attempts, I knew none of them were right. They failed to make my heart soar.

It was then that I realized I to take steps to empower my spiritual, high-end fashion jewelry vision without sacrificing execution. 

Devoted to High-End Fashion Jewelry Quality

Generally speaking, I create my designs and then hand them to a jewelry maker to fashion. However, there’s so much more to making my jewelry. Because I want to guarantee the creative integrity of my work, I do a lot to ensure high-end fashion jewelry quality. After all, I’m the most critical quality control for my work so you can trust my pieces to be amazing gifts—either to yourself or another woman who has it all.

When deciding if a piece of high-end fashion jewelry is right for my collection, I put it through a few rigorous tests: 1) Would I buy it? 2) Is it classic and unique? And 3) Is it a cool, well-designed piece that’s different? I don’t want something that’s too basic, something that you could find anywhere. I want to share high-end fashion jewelry that touches me, that makes my heart soar.

As a result, I don’t rest until I’m completely satisfied. When I travel to New York City for materials, I visit every place that says they have what I need. I experiment with new ideas while considering my clients’ needs and preferences.

For example, when I was experimenting with 10-carat gold instead of 14-carat, I ended up sticking with the 14-carat gold because it is elegant, it serves my vision, and clients trust it. I could still imbue it with all the meaning and energy I wanted. I could still incorporate elements of delight and surprise into a traditional material to create a unique spiritual gift.

Committed to One-of-A-Kind High-End Fashion Jewelry

Because of my intuitive visions and devotion to quality, I create compelling high-end fashion jewelry as well as unique spiritual gifts. And to ensure that each piece lives up to my standards, some of my pieces are made-to-order only. This ensures that your gift—to yourself or someone else—is the highest quality and exceptionally personal.

The beauty of a piece like the Psalms of David necklace, which is custom order only, is that each one is different due to the materials I use. While each necklace has the same design, I am very selective about quality. That means the leather will have variations. Additionally, I want the client to infuse herself into the piece, which is why I allow clients to select the color of the cord, the choice of stitching, and whether to use a white, rose, or yellow gold charm.

This process leads to a marvelous marriage of elements in every unique spiritual gift. I guarantee my vision and standards while inviting the client to instill the piece with her personality. The necklace becomes truly hers, symbolizing something special and potent that she can wear throughout her life—wearable and spiritual high-end fashion jewelry.

Let my intuitive process help you capture your essence. Visit the latest collection for your one-of-a-kind piece.