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Jewelry for Your Inner Calm

No Time to Meditate: Spiritual High-End Fashion Jewelry for Your Inner Calm

When you decide to purchase high-end fashion jewelry, such as a diamond pave spiritual necklace or a gold and diamond spiritual bracelet, you want to make sure you trust the seller. With so many different boutique shops today, trust is about more than a fair price. It’s about selecting a unique spiritual gift that compliments your style, forges a connection with the infinite, and sustains your inner calm.

That’s why I never hesitate to tell my clients to find the piece of spiritual high-end fashion jewelry that speaks to them. More than securing a sale, I want a piece to resonate with a client.

That trust is present throughout the entire process, even before the client enters my studio. My client knows that my jewelry is unique and carefully curated by someone they trust. They know I’ll give them my honest opinions and listen to their concerns. They know my high-end fashion jewelry designs represent something that they’ve been searching for.

Distinctive Eye for High-End Fashion Jewelry Design

I inherited my keen eye from my parents. My father, an artist with the human body, is a skilled plastic surgeon blessed with aesthetic instinct. My mother, a dressmaker, owned her own shop in Morocco before working for Christian Dior in America. Their European sensibilities, marked by sophistication and restraint, has always been very different from the American sensibility.

Consequently, I learned a great deal from their aesthetic. I like clean lines and avoid extraneous elements. I weed out the fluff. Today, I’ve established a personal style that connects with others on a spiritual level. People ask me for advice on how to decorate, how to reconstruct a kitchen, and what to wear for parties. That’s because I understand the link between the spark in your soul and how it can be nourished with the right unique and spiritual design elements.

Discovering your ideal high-end fashion jewelry piece comes down to striking the right balance, which includes adding an unexpected touch. This unexpected element is your style, and you cannot force it. In the words of Moroccan-Israeli designer and former creative director of Lanvin, Alber Elbaz, "Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion.”

Helping Women Find Calm Through A Unique Spiritual Gift

As a spiritual jewelry designer, I design for the woman who is searching for her style, who seeks jewelry that speaks to her. She isn’t looking for a hot designer piece just to have it; instead, she wants to show off her sense of self, even when it surprises her in a piece of high-end fashion jewelry.

It happens a lot—a client comes to me dead set on a certain idea only to find herself gravitating towards something totally different. When that happens, I encourage her to follow her intuition to select the unique spiritual piece that speaks to her. It’s beautiful to witness a woman discover that part of herself, to profoundly connect with herself. A piece of sterling silver and diamond fashion jewelry becomes a meditation tool she can use on the go to reconnect to her higher self and regain her inner calm.

She should never ignore that moment where she reaches a new level of confidence and security in herself and knows that THIS is the unique spiritual piece for her. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, it will show up no matter how you dress. You don’t have to be entirely in love with how you look, but you must possess the assurance to say, “I love this, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

Designs for Spiritual High-End Fashion Jewelry Expression

The quest for personal expression has led me to design spiritual jewelry pieces that are different from other high-end fashion jewelry designs. In addition to creating jewelry that’s not mass-produced and comes from ethically sourced hand-made labor, I want to create something new. The Psalms of David necklace would not exist otherwise. Nor would my soothing tactile worry-stone medallions. These pieces remind wearers of their connection to the infinite, which is as precious as a diamond pave spiritual necklace or a gold and diamond spiritual bracelet.

My high-end fashion jewelry is both public and private, so that the wearer feels beautiful and bold while also receiving contentment and peace. Necklaces like the worry stones or The Psalms of David can be shown off or tucked into one’s shirt. Either way, they lend the wearer a sense of calm and spiritual jewelry comfort.

Versatility in High-End Fashion Jewelry

When I first started NoLeLu, I focused on street fashion. But I soon found myself evolving as a spiritual jewelry designer, spurred by my clients’ preferences and my own attraction to more elevated, sterling silver and diamond fashion jewelry.

Today, I design both high-end fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. High-end fashion jewelry is a bridge between costume jewelry and fine jewelry, combining striking, one-of-a-kind pieces and popular, affordable materials. Additionally, I’m also known for my fine jewelry, which is available in 14-carat yellow, white, and rose gold styles. Regardless of what a client chooses, I want her to select a piece of everyday luxury with her high-end fashion jewelry choice. I want her to wear it layered in a casual look or as a statement piece with a formal dress so she’ll always be able to depend on it when she needs to stop and rebalance her inner calm.

My high-end fashion jewelry is meant to live, to be taken out often, to be worn and enjoyed.

My clients trust that I will give them that meaningful and unique spiritual gift.

Tap into your confident self-expression and wear it proudly. Visit the collection and select the piece that moves you.