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Why I Design High-End Fashion Jewelry for the Woman Who Has It All

One day, a client came to me with a special jewelry request. She had just lost her mother and wanted to honor her with a unique piece. Her mother had always loved butterflies, she explained to me, and at her burial, a kaleidoscope of butterflies had appeared out of nowhere. This stirring experience filled the client with love and excitement instead of anxiety and sadness. She wanted to recapture that feeling with a one-of-a-kind piece to commemorate her mother.

Her story moved me. And when she found one of my pieces that spoke to her, I felt both humbled and honored that I had helped her cement her bond with her mother. She reminds me that in life, no matter what possessions we have, when we have it all, we have symbolic connections to those we love most.

A Lifelong Love for the Power of High-End Fashion Jewelry

I have always loved jewelry.

Every piece I have is evocative, reflecting my moods, experiences, and passions. With the right piece of jewelry, I can honor the different aspects of my life. My wedding band symbolizes the great love between my husband/partner and I. The dainty rose gold bangle I have had since I was a little girl invokes my childhood, my Moroccan heritage, and the recognition that someone once loved me enough to give me such a lovely gift.

High-end fashion jewelry has power. It can remind you of your loved ones, aspirations, and your life’s important details. It can be a meditation, a token that symbolizes your core values. It can also be a compelling statement of what you’ve experienced and who you are.

A Chance Opportunity that Unlocked My Power as a Spiritual Jewelry Designer

My appreciation for jewelry has guided me throughout my life and given me experiences I could have never anticipated. NoLeLu started, like many stories do, with a piece of lovely, evocative jewelry.

Before I became a spiritual jewelry designer, I spent a great deal of time thinking about how the women around me were busy juggling careers and families and friendships. I was struck by how carefully and thoughtfully these women presented themselves to the world, reflecting their ambitions and goals. I felt called to create pieces that would further their self-expression.

And then, as luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself. My brother, who had just returned from a trip to Israel, gave me a beautiful and meaningful gift of a hand-stitched leather locket with the Psalms of David tucked inside. I loved it instantly.

Over time, I noticed how the necklace affected other women. They would stop me in the street just to look at it as if had spoken to them.

I had never thought of selling high-end fashion jewelry before, but when my friend asked me to sell the Psalms of David necklaces at her 200+ person event, something felt right. I asked my brother to find me more necklaces. When he found only six more, I didn’t give up. I was determined, and through my dear friend, Melissa, whose daughter worked as an accessory buyer for Bergdorf Goodman, I found a wonderful place to buy jewelry. I trusted my gut and selected pieces that spoke to me, that moved me.

I sold every single piece I brought to the event.

From there, my business took off. The women who supported my work seemed to materialize out of thin air. They chose me. From the women who showed up to my first show to the clients who walk away with a deeply meaningful piece, I know I am not the only one who recognizes the power of high-end fashion jewelry. 

Forging the High-End Fashion Jewelry Link Between Women and Our Power

Many women, myself included, draw upon their lifetime of memories and experiences for strength and resilience. Each stage of her life is important, from childhood to college, career to creating a family, empty-nesting to becoming a grandmother. Even the difficult times, like cancer, divorce, or the loss of a parent, make us who we are.

These experiences give us authenticity, confidence, strength, and a sense of inner peace. And with the right jewelry, be it a sterling silver and diamond fashion jewelry piece or a gold and diamond spiritual bracelet, we can better access those parts of ourselves. When life’s troubles can make you feel anxiety, fear, or sadness, jewelry can calm you, soothe you, remind you of life’s beauty and your place in it.

In this way, my spiritual high-end fashion jewelry becomes the bridge between a woman and her resilience, that little spark we all have inside. We’re all cut from the same cloth, and I imbue all my work with that compassion.

This calling to connect has fueled my drive. I’ve faced and surmounted many challenges, from learning how to scale my business to stepping outside of my comfort zone on social media to making sure my high-end fashion jewelry gifts carry my message. However, I am committed to something more profound.

Let me help you find the piece of high-end fashion jewelry that speaks to your soul, that reminds you of your reliance and spark. Visit the collection.